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A HUGE Apple! Answered

I found this huge apple in my grandparent's back garden (yard)! I have never seen an apple so big before...



9 years ago

How does it taste?

I didn't taste it - it has a really weird and very strong smell...

It was probably genetically modified, hence the smell.

I had a genetically modified apple that tasted like a grape once. It was... interesting.

Yep. I found them at Food Lion, and had to try them. In saying it tastes like grapes, think more along the lines of grape cough syrup. Nothing spectacular. Apples taste better as apples.

Grape cough syrup? D: That sounds kind of nasty.

Oh, yeah, there;s a lotta grape cough syrup!

I hate grape cough syrup. It's almost as bad as the gritty "bubble gum" cold medicine...

I LOVE the bubble gum cold medicine!!! Gritty though...

I always hated that stuff, just because it felt like someone had mixed sand or something into it. I once had this blue medicine that was supposed help with my sinuses and it tasted terrible.... It was really minty and disgusting. I bet if I had caught the bottle on fire then the fire would have been a pretty color...

That stuff almost makes me throw up every time I take it. It's the feel. Real thick, and stays in your throat for a while. I do like the taste though...

I once had a normal non-genetically modified apple that tasted like a banana. I hate bananas.

I think the texture of bananas is mainly the reason I don't like them... I used to love them, or so my mom tells me.

Non sequitur! Genetically modified stuff doesn't always smell funny... And that apple doesn't look too ginormous... maybe I can't tell... do you have anything else to scale it to that's a bit bigger? Maybe a dollar bill?

he said it was in there back yard, i'm implying naturally grown

The change in the weather probably affected the apple tree on producing the apples...

Last year the apple tree made small and green apples, but this year, the same apple tree made big, smelly, red apples...

>slap< Leave the puns to ~~Goodhart~~ people who are good at them!

Yes,mr.k eh *gets in t5 tdi,drives away* j/k:)

Maybe if you placed it next to something a little easier to compare, say a cellphone, or a regular apple.....cuz....a penny isn't much of a comparison....

it is about twice in size over a normal apple. And I don't have a cell phone, my parents won' let me have one...

*sigh* I wish I used a ruler.... My apple is gone... My giant apple emits a strong smell, so it was instantly eaten by snails and slugs... ;-(

Ruler is good! Much easier to get an idea of its size!

weird, i've seen ones WAY BIGGER THAN THAT!!!! even at the grocery store, those would be considered small..

Do you have pics to prove it? I would like to see apples bigger than mine!

ok, but it's pretty ordinary... i'll get some when i go to the store sometime.......

My stepdad runs an apple shipping warehouse. You should see some of the apples we get in! Some huge, some teensy!

GMO, or as the activists call it Frankenfood!