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Achiev'ibles - 19/08/2012 Answered

Here are the patches handed out automatically this week (Mon 13th - Sun 19th) to members of Achiev'ibles. Want to track your stats and receive patches for reaching notable milestones? Leave a comment below if you're not already involved and I'll add you to the list.


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Add me!!!!

please add me also.


5 years ago

I thought I was in, but add me if I'm not please! This is a great service!

Thanks :) You're in the list from before.

Nice. Wait, why didn't I get a patch, even though I recently went over 50,000 views? Just curious, not a bit bummed :)

The date you first achieved 50K was 18th July. I'd been collecting stats a month prior to this, but didn't get artwork and start handing out patches until the 25th July. Sorry! You're 2 answers away from 50 answers :p

Oh, ok. Hmm, better go answer some stuff then,

Wow, I got a LOT of views in one week...

Due for your 50K patch tomorrow morning by looks of things :D

So you aren't going to post how much we improved vs. last week like you did in total views?

Not on the forum, no. I've almost finished all the patch sending code. When that's done I'm going to make a page on my website where you can see a list of all of the members and view your stats as a graph/table and compare them to 1 or 2 other people at a time.


What about milestones that have already been passed before this started?

I'm just awarding them for new milestones, to save having to send several thousand patches. Thought people might get annoyed if they got 6 at once. You're almost to 100 answers, 25k views and 300 comments :)

I don't know, I think it'd be kind of cool to receive several patches at once, but I would be annoyed having to send so many patches out.

Ahh well, I decided against it anyway. And the patch sending is automatic.