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Alternate use for old cell phones and smartphones Answered

I have a box full of unused cell phones and smartphones. Some were the higher end ones of their time such as Blackberry Storm and HTC Touch. I would like to find ways to repurpose these as they are still good and have wifi and bluetooth capabilities. I was thinking maybe security cameras or robots that can be accessed via the internet to monitor my home and pets while away. Any ideas or links would be greatly appreciated.


In the UK you can sell to trade in sites that recycle the parts or refurbish them. Try mobilevaluer.com or look for alternate services in your region.

If you do want to use them why not check out their suitability for use with a raspberry pi - eg a remote, or use the screen as a monitor for the rasbpi. Some kind of home automation or media use would be cool. Get android working on one and your possibilities are wide open!

If they're still good, why not sell them?

Well they function but probably wouldn't get much money in a sale. I just thought I could put them to alternate use.