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Antenna for a mobile home Answered

I would like to make an antenna that really works for my mobile home. Does anyone have any ideas. I have seen the ones that use pvc tubing but there is something inside I think.



you need to make one of three antennas; 1) the vertical mast. simplest 2) the loop. bit more complex 3) the di-pole. this is the hardest to build, but gives the best reception. next question: are you good at electronics? if so, what frequency do you plan on receiving? you can add an active fet front stage for better reception if you know.

Thank you for your reply. but I don't know what frequency on would be receiving. I will be traveling around Australia, so if you know it would be could for me. If you have any instructions on how to built an antenna that can receive good pictures I would also be happy to give it a go. Thanks once again.

is the antenna for am, fm, the ham bands or tv? different antennnas need different designs. also, are you good with electronics?

The antenna is for TV only. I can understand electronics but I am by no means an expert. Thanks again. I look forward to hearing from you

do you want channels above channel 13?

Thank you for your reply. Yes I do. We are currently changing over from analogue to digital and some of the chanels are 70, 77 etc.

wait a minute; what country are you in? the states, europe, australia etc

Sorry I thought I mentioned it. I am in Australia.

Hello tech-king I haven't heard from you lately. Have I created a problem?

sorry. i totally forgot about this thread. if you had a radio, i could suggest an active antenna. the problem with tv is that in order to get the best reception, you need an antenna tunned to the resonant frequency of the station you want to receive. obviously, a new antenna for every station is out. so i think the best option is actually a store bought HF/UHF tv antenna. seeing as its for a mobile home, one with either an active filter or rf amplifier would be a good investment.

Thanks for replying so quickly. I thought the same thing maybe but I thought you being so clever maybe could suggest something else. I am trying all possibilities before I go and buy one. I have seen a few that people have made but they are made out of PVC pipe with boosters on them but there is something inside the pipe to transmit the signal and they seem to work quite well maybe you could go along these lines .