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Anyone Insterested in Learning Footbag? (Freestyle Hackey Sack) Answered

Hey, I'm just wondering if anyone would be interested in learning how to play footbag. If I get enough people who are willing to learn and dedicate themselves, I might be able to convince Daryl "Genzu Blades" Genz to join Ibles and make a series.

Daryl runs Freedom Footbags and is one of the world's best professional footbaggers.

Just let me know if you're interested!


If you're not sure about it, just check out the videos on the Freedom Footbags [Http://www.freedomfootbags.com/blog Blog] or video page.


dude i would love to learn i just started yesterday the 22 o jan and can already do 2 kick in a row (i could probably do more but A. i has homework and B my parents only let me practice outside and it be cold) any way i am going to debate camp this summer and both the ones i would consider going to are basically hippy land and i want join in with the fun. so this would rock plz make it

Hey, I'm going to a debate camp too, for policy. It's in a college type hiipie area too. Did you go yet and do you have any tips for having fun? Thanks

i started a year ago before i moved and quit because noone in my area played, but at school people started to play footbags now, but anyways, how i practiced was simply drop it anywhere for either you inside, front, or side kick then kick it straight up, then catch it. repeat until you kick it straight up 9/10 times or until your satisfied

I used to do hackysack in 6th grade with my friends and I would love to get back into it! That would be awesome.

Sweet! Do it! We play at school each break (or at least a variant of) and it's really fun.

You know the vids, an what they do, well do they wear special shoe's for it?

Um.... you don't have to. I just use regular skate shoes. Some of them modify Adidas Rod Laver tennis shoes, others buy specially made footbaging shoes. You really can just wear normal shoes, though.

I've never considered hackey sack before, but now you mention it... Actually, I think my school's Head of PE would be interested as well.

Sweet! Approval from the MAN himself! (The Kiteman, that is..)

(Scans for sarcasm ... results inconclusive ... shrugs)

Recent UK news

Another thing teachers are being made responsible for is child obesity - parents won't drag their children away from video games, so we have to "offer a wider range of sporting activities such as Frisbee and yoga, alongside the more traditional school sports".

Sounds like perfect timing for a set of Hackey Sack Instructables to be written and then promoted to UK sports' educators.

And then.....the Olympic event ! *chuckle*

BWT: as with all those similar pics, those and this one is the real me ;-) Dome and all....

I am not sure I could move like that anyrmore LOL

Awww... well, it doesn't hurt to try! Actually.... in your case....... >>

I'd hate to throw out a disc-oooooow. LOL I am starting a new exercise regime and will slowly work my way up to hoola hoop and pogo stick....then maybe Hackey Sac ;-)

hey! that looks like an awesome sport id like to join!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yeah, cool, i play soccer as you know it but football in england. I would be greatly interested in learning a sport like this.

Sweet! Yeah, Footbag is awesome. It gives you foot-eye coordination, and a nice workout as well. Plus, if you do it in public, people will always stop to check out your sick skills.

quite hard to get started though i imagine. Probably take a while to get good.

Actually, no. Albert and I started a few years ago and have been progressing nicely. We're now able to do quite a few tricks consistently and are working on even more!

i hope i can be as constant and vigilant at keeping at it as you, can you post a video of something you can do after only a few years.

Sure.... tomorrow I'll bring in a video camera to school and Albert and I will do a little routine or something

ohh thxs tht will be a blast, can't wait to get the firs instructable done, ps how did you and Albert learn in the first place

Well... a friend of ours actually bought the first sack (not off of freedom footbags) in 8th grade. Our whole class would play in the back during the 5 minute breaks in between periods (we had the same classroom, twice). A year later, most of the people just stopped playing, so Albert and I decided to buy our own sacks. We both fell in love with the sport, and have been playing ever since.

Some websites that are crucial to learning are www.footbag.org and www.freedomfootbags.com If you're buying a sack for the first time, get a Mr. Sandbag. I think they're the best to learn with.

ohh ok i think i'll get started soon. Maybe someone could post a make your own foootbag/hackey sack, that would be cool!

Wow, i just found my old, practically never used foot bag, now i need the instructable.

wow, i jus went to the site and watched some of their vids, these guys look awsome, really! you have to get him

that'd be great i love hacky sack but always be better!

Yeah! I'd be awesome to have him join the community! Plus, he could write some on how to make your own professional style footbags.

Alright, does anyone else want to learn how to play/have a word to say? Woo... that rhymes!


10 years ago

Yeah thatd be awsome. I usually just play with my friends though during lunch at school. Its a fun thing to pass the time with, and really improves "foot-eye coordination"

Awesome! Definitely try to get others in your school into the sport, too. Try and make a club or something. My friend Albert and I are making a club in our school this year! We've got about 6-8 followers, and some of 'em are actually pretty good already.

That would be pretty sweet! Bring him in!

I'll try! Hopefully more people would like to learn how to play this awesome sport, too. I highly suggest that you check out the videos on freedomfootbags, they're awesome!