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Black Ops or Modern Warfare 3? Answered

Which is better overall, Black Ops or Modern Warfare 3? Which has better campaign? Which one can you play two player (one on one match)? Which is more fun on the Wii? Any info is appreciated!


Well, you can't play CoD with 2 people on 1 wii, in multiplayer mode. But you can play one on one online, if the other person also has the game on their wii. You can play private matches then, and set the rules to your liking.
In MW Reflex, and WaW, you can play so called 'squadmate mode', which is basicly the campaign, but an other player can join. He sort of 'sits on your back', so he/she can shoot at enemies, but can't control the movements etc. as player 1 can.
I hope this is clear

I don't know. Never played MW3, but I had a lot of fun playing back ops. (haven't played in like 2 weeks though, guitar hero lately)

I have never played them on the Wii. And better is a personal preference. But I will say that I prefer Modern Warfare 3. I have them both on my x box and like Modern Warfare 3 better I think it has a better campaign (if you have played 1&2).

From what dr. richtofen said on the Wii you have to have two consoles to play 1v1 like I said my experience is on the x box and on x box you can split screen 1v1 on both games.

This doesn't have a factual answer, just endless opinions. Flagged as Inappropriate for Q/A. Please create a Forum Topic to open a general discussion.

I totally understand you, and agree. The problem is that forum topics don't receive as many replies as do questions. Thus, I posted this as a question to get more info.