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Can you tag a experimental car? Answered

Can you tag a experimental car?



Best Answer 8 years ago

You mean get a license and registration? Certainly, provided it meets the safety and roadworthiness requirements in your local motor vehicle regulations. That usually includes an inspection by a appropriate government officer. Check with your (U.S.) state department of motor vehicles, or equivalent in your country, and they will be able to provide you with the information you need.

Thanks everyone for providing the information

it's already answered but I'll chime in anyway. Yes, as long as your vehicle meets required safety standards. It will have to be inspected, but if it passes, you're good to go.

Absolutely. It has to meet local vehicle regulations, but as long as it conforms to the standards set by your government, then yes. Common snags for unusual vehicles where I live are seatbelt and safety systems, headlight size and positioning, body height, and wheel dimensions. Luckily, the local officials are pretty good at finding a classification to fit your vehicle that allows it to pass. We've got a lot of builders of tiny kit cars here, and they usually get them classified as motorcycles to get around the fact that they do not have air bags. I've also seen a home-built sports car classified as an SUV because of wheel diameter. I'm sure other examples will crop up. Take the time to call the appropriate officials and obtain a list of all the things they look for, or research at your local library or on the internet.