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Cheap IR illuminator Answered

I have been wanting to make night vision for a while and I get the question. How do I make an IR illuminator? Well I can buy 15 long range IR LEDS or I could buy a pre-built one for under $20. I have searched everywhere and still can't find what i'm looking for.



Sorry, correction. The company name is MCM Electronics. The web site should be mcminone.com

I bought 2 IR Spotlights from www.mcminelectronics.com which has a huge warehouse in Springboro Ohio. Waiting for slightly warmer weather to install but they are solid, weighty and declare that they are very long range. Just do a search on their site for IR Spotlight. I got mine when they went on sale so request to be on their mailing list or just look at all of their online sales flyers.

Do you now what wavelength of IR the camera you would like  to use is sensitive for ? It's worth considering that fact when comparing prices of IR leds / IR projectors. The sensitivity range of the camera and the emitting range or the LED's has to be as much as possible be in the same bandwidth.

To give an example with visible light : If you are wearing red goggles, it won't do you much good when you're illuminating the scene with a green flashlight. The red goggles might be cheap, the green flashlight almost for free, but when you have to pay through the nose for a red flashlight you'd better buy green goggles.

If you're stuck with the red goggles, then you can compare prices between ready made red flashlights and components to make a red flashlight.

If the goggles cost you next to nothing whatever colour you choose, then go for the ones the flashlights/components are the cheapest.

Seen the date of the first post you could have figured that out on your own already, but it might be interesting stuff to know for people contemplating new projects involving IR capable camera's and IR projectors.

If you don't know the IR range of the camera, to my knowledge the only way to find it out is the 'trial and error method'. Use one LED to illuminate something in a darkened room and check if the CCD from the camera is sensitive to that wavelength. If not, use LED's with another wavelength.

can buy the permade 1 in radio shack?

I've searched for one but i haven't found much.

What about scrounging a load of old TV remotes and wiring all the IR LEDs together? (In your picture, there's one element that doesn't look like the other LEDs - is that the camera?)

leds in remotes arn't powerful enough

7up is right, I have tried using remote LEDs but they just don't have enough power.

ehhh.... it'd be similar to use status leds to use as a flashlight.