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Choosing my 1st 3d printer Answered

So I have been considering to purchaser my own home 3d printer for a while now, but I am not sure which go for as I am happy to spend around about 500Euros or so on a 3D printer but I would prefer one that can use at least 2 colours.
I would mainly be using it to create still like little figurines and statues. I have enough skills in 3d modeling that I don't need a store or 3d model assets but that would be nice. tho I am use you can use any 3d model files that you can download online.

I came across this one for $100 http://www.peachyprinter.com/#!methods/cjg9

I was using this website to look for affordable 3d printers http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/affordable-3d-printer/

But I guess what I also want to ask isn't just what are peoples suggest 3d printer to choose from but also what things should I look out for when buying one such as maybe special filament used or poor quality 3d prints noise problems or slow speed??

so any suggestions what ones to go for or what ones to stay away from

Many thanks.

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gravityisweak (author)2015-01-20

Take a look at the Robo3D R1 printer. I've got one, and for the price, the value can't be beat in my opinion. It has a huge build volume, self leveling bed, heated glass bed, ABS or PLA capability, and awesome print quality. Plus the community is great too. If you have questions or want to see any of my prints, I'd be happy to show you photos.

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caitlinsdad (author)2015-01-12



That peachy printer seems to still be in a post-kickstarter-still-in-development-not-shipping-yet state so you might be waiting for a long time. Look through the guides to make your choice. With lower price, you do lose out on some of the features/software/precision that you might want to make a good 3D print. Good luck.

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