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Control your dreams by playing video games Answered

LiveScience is reporting that playing video games before bed can help gamers control their dreams. This can be helpful for those who have troublesome dreams.

"If you're spending hours a day in a virtual reality, if nothing else it's practice," said Jayne Gackenbach, a psychologist at Grant MacEwan University in Canada. "Gamers are used to controlling their game environments, so that can translate into dreams."
I can personally attest to the fact that playing a ton of Tetris will affect your dreams. You'll be seeing those blocks fall down, endlessly clearing lines. After playing the heck out of Resident Evil 4 I had dreams of fighting back zombies for months. Far from a nightmare, I always found it to be a fun challenge.

Does anyone else have any experiences with video games and dreams?

Video Gamers Can Control Dreams, Study Suggests
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3 years ago

i don't have dream


3 years ago

i don't have dream

I think everyone is missing what Grant was talking about. It's a well known fact that thinking about something for an extended period of time will leak it into your dreams. That is nothing new.

What they are talking about is your ABILITIES within the dream. Becoming accustomed to jumping off walls, flying around or shooting fire from your eyes will make it more likely that in your dream you will believe you can do this. This has nothing to do with lucid dreaming or actually exerting control over your dreams.

In short, cool topic but horrible explanation and even worse title. Still worth posting though, thanks!

Not sure where you're getting that. It's not about content, but control.

She found that gamers experienced less or even reversed threat simulation (in which the dreamer became the threatening presence), with fewer aggression dreams overall.

"What happens with gamers is that something inexplicable happens," Gackenbach explained. "They don't run away, they turn and fight back. They're more aggressive than the norms."

In other words, a scary nightmare scenario turned into something "fun" for a gamer.

I guess it's all really about how you interpret the word control in this context. I took it to mean being a god of your own dream world, controlling your surroundings. Perhaps the context of the research was more along the lines of controlling the situation by having a desensitized sense of fear. Either way I love his topic! Thank you again for posting it :)

Its all good unless you're still awake. Played guitar hero all night and then looked at a slatted wall while half asleep. THE DOTS WERE EVERYWHERE

 Ones i was playing guitar hero and i allmost fell a sleep but i still compleeted the song ?!?

so basically video games lead to limited lucid dreaming? i did lucid dreaming long before i got my first game system so i really can't offer any experience, but this has nonetheless piqued my curiosity


8 years ago

 i dont know. ive played Half-Life 2 for hours on end and didnt dream about killing Combines. although, i did have that dream i was a theoretical physicist.

 After hundreds of hours of Monster Hunter Tri, I often dream of what it would be like to actually hunt gigantic monsters across beautiful landscapes.


8 years ago

Dream about video games?  Sure!

Control them?  Ha, yeah, right!

Years ago, in the days of Warcraft II and Deus Ex (my faves at the time), I would be up till 2 am playing them, then dream about them the rest of the night.  I'd play countless campaigns in my head, but I could never control them!  It was like being forced to watch a total n00b play, and screaming in their ear to do something but they wouldn't listen.  Very frustrating, and certainly not a good night's sleep.

Bad times, those were.

 Maybe a year ago, I just recently played Crysis. Every night after I play Crysis, I keep seeing US marines and KPA soldiers everywhere I go. And there was this scene in this one specific dream, it was very intrusive. I ran away from this dude firing dual pistols at every KPA soldier I see. They're like screaming everywhere. I saw myself throw a grenade in this bunker. When I woke up, my sis told me that she heard me say, "FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!". That was the next weirdest thing that happened to me.

My dreams helped me solve my problem with call of duty 4 modern warfare.

I was playing veteran (one or two bullets will put you down like real life) and was stuck in the mission with protecting the tank until it was up and running again.

I couldn't protect the tank because every time I tried I either got shot or needed to get to cover during which those basterds would blow up the tank.

So after 12 tries I went to bed where I had a dream about me playing the mission.

My character then stood up in my dream made it to the plate protection the enemie uses by throwing grenades at them and then in to the house that was open.

The enemies would stop spawning in that area allowing me to take them in the flank.

I immediatly tried it in the morning and it worked like a charm :D

I still haven't gotten over my Sweeney Todd dream, where I was on a boat and he was the captain and I became like his helper. He was often angry, and I feared him. He retired from being a captain to take on a life of revenge.

Now that is weird...  Johnny Depp has invaded you dreams.

Any intense use of computers can affect dreams. If you spend 8 hours a day mashing data, it can affect a person.


 After playing guitar hero a lot, I have had dreams about masses of notes coming toward me, but then they'll all turn red or they'll be in the wrong order,it's very disconcerting.

On a more related note, after playing 'LotR the Return of the King', I dreamt I was killing a load of orcs, that dream was way more fun.

Whilst I agree that any repetitive action or image can easily find its way into your dreams, in my experience you can't exercise any more control over your dreams than normal.

I'm always just along for the ride.

 Totally. When I played Runescape years ago, I'd dream about it constantly, Ruby Malone turns up in my dreams occasionally, especially when I'm killing zombies in them, induced by CODWAW and Left 4 Dead :D
I've always found it helpful to figure stuff out in-game.

i always have game dreams, resident evil dreams weren't pleasant, but i'm always invincible in halo inspired dreams, must reflect reality... ;)

 Ive often had call of duty dreams, where i need to fight people, but then i get shot, die, and respawn in 4 seconds.

I certainly know that after playing Left 4 Dead I had zombie dreams.  Also, if I fall asleep while watching TV, I usually dream of the show I fell asleep during.

On a somewhat related note, my fiance, after watching me play Fallout 3 for a couple hours, had dreams about fighting zombies for a couple of months. I never seem to remember my dreams, but I don't doubt this report one bit.

A bit unrelated, but after live action role playing for a weekend, I dream about fighting and casting magic