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Disconnect an incoming call in a landline phone Answered

Why is it possible to disconnect an incoming call in a mobile phone while the same is not possible in a landline phone?


first, unplug the phone you want a killswitch on; pull the cord out of the wall. next, go to radio shack, and get a small pushbutton. (normally open) buy it, then leave. go to the unplugged cable, coming from your phone, (you might want to use an old cord you don't care about anymore) and take scissors to make a slit around the cable's sheeting. find one of the wires that supplies power to the phone handset, and cut that wire. strip the ends, so that the copper from the wire is exposed. take the pushbutton, and connect the wire's ends through the switch. cover it in electicician's tape, so the connections don't come undone. when someone calls after you plug the cable back in, push the button- it stopped ringing! it reset's the phone for a sec. i'm not liable if you screw with your phone, or anything else.

It's entirely possible, you just need the right phone.

i want to put a reject button on my landline phone ; as it has Caller ID inbuilt ;pls give an idea to do that....

There are some phones, specifically a number of business phones, that do that. However, to avoid the "Hey they just hung up on me!" problem, you'll need an in-house voicemail system to redirect the call to. At it's simplest, you just need an answering machine, a business phone, and two phone lines. At it's most complex, you need a PBX and all of the above. A simpler aproach is to just turn the ringer off and wait. We do that in our home. We've got a total of 9 cordless phones (and one fax machine). Only one phone has the ringer turned on (the fax machine's). We can hear that ring anywhere in the home. If we get a call we don't want, we flick off the ringer.