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Drilling holes in glass Answered

Hi all, I'd really like to work with glass objects. But I need to drill holes in glass. I have no idea on how to do this, and if any special tools or techniques are required. If anyone know anything about working with glass and drilling perfect holes (without breaking the glass), can you please instruct me on how to do this.
Thank you


Buy a drill bit designed to drill in glass. It is worth the investment to get a good one. The ones that look like an arrowhead piece work better than the diamond dust coated ones. Some are meant to work with water to flush the slurry away. Just have a spray bottle handy. If you do not have a drill press and and some way of securing your workpiece like in a clamping vise workstation, at least get a portable drill press attachment for your portable drill. It guides the drill straight up and down and steadies it. Best to experiment on different thicknesses and grades of glass. Good luck.

It depends on the glass, though - when I did my "4am Robot", I used a dremel grinder to "eat" holes into thin glass tubes.

Did you try typing "drilling glass" into the Instructables search box (found at the top of every single page) before posting this?