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Featured Items are now displayed differently Answered

I just noticed that Ibles that have been featured have a "featured" mark in their picture, at least when looking at the member's page or on the search!


I really like the new featured tag. It looks awesome.

Do you mean the front page of the new book, or on the home page?

By that I ment it will be in the book. P.S. Did you enter anything?

nothing is guaranteed in the book, and yes i did enter one of my -ibles

The Instructables were chosen to be on the home page, under "featured". It normally means it's a great Instructable.


10 years ago

The do it to winners and finalists of contests too.

New banners.jpg

Just go under rating in the explore area.


10 years ago

Hey! I'm famous! I like the new tags.

I noticed that too, it's awesome.

I know. And I like it.

Yup, I noticed this too!

Theres also a tag for contest winners (at least in contests in the new system), and it is also displayed at the top bar on the instructable page itself.