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Floor Filler used for doming casting resin? Answered

I met someone from Germany who had a clear, 2 part floor filling compound, that after mixing, she could pour into a mold and have it turn out like casting resin, Does any body know of the stuff she is talking about?


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canucksgirlBest Answer (author)2012-04-29

It might be something like THIS. (However the brand your friend used may be limited to Germany?)

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Burf (author)2012-04-29

I'm not sure what you are talking about specifically, but I have used a pourable, carveable epoxy filler on some restoration jobs and it molds quite well. However, if you are thinking using it in place of casting resin, you might want to reconsider. The stuff is outrageously expensive; a two gallon bucket of the epoxy costs in the neighborhood of $300, U.S.

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