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Glass Question - How could I make a spout for a pitcher? Answered

Okay, I am making some glasses from some old 750ml bottles (vodka if you must know). I happen to have a matching 1.5L bottle, which would be too big for a drinking glass. I was thinking of turning it into a pitcher (no handle - it's small enough to wrap my hand around). However, I have no idea how to make a spout. Is there an easy way to do this? I'm guessing heat would be involved. Would this be too difficult or dangerous to attempt? I haven't really worked with glass beyond using a glass cutter here or there. Thanks.



When I was in cubs, we made ash trays out of beer bottles by letting them melt until they flatten a bit on a bed of hot coals (after a big bonfire). We'd make an indentation in them with a soaking wet 2x4. Thinking of it now, it probably wasn't safe. Of course we used to split up and look for animal signs too. The fresher the trail and the more dangerous the animal, the better.

Damn! I wrote a huge writeup about this, and answers crashed... anyhoo - Wear safety glasses, leather gloves, preferably a welding apron. Hot sharp glass shards are not fun. Practice with a beer bottle first: Heat the glass slowly in the oven to as hot as you can get it - this will relieve stress of it being heated further. Use a propane, or MP-gas torch to heat the area around the top - keep moving the flame, and concentrate on the spout. If one area heats more than another too quickly, it will shatter or crack. Once the top of the bottle is glowing hot, you should be able to shape it with WOOD instruments. The wood will burn, but its a poor conductor of heat, so it wont stress the glass. Form a lip, and back into the oven to cool. slowly lower the oven temperature, and dont open the door until its at room temperature. Good luck! I do this with campfires all the time, usually they break, but you can make some fun shapes.

sorry but forget it, unless ya know what ya doin, glass melting point is about 1500 C. not the sort of temp. easily reached at home, maybe you could make some kinda collar to go round the top out of plastic,

Well, I don't know what I'm doing, so I'll look for a different way to go about it. Thanks for your comment.