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Google Earth Flight Simulator Answered

If you download the most recent version of Google Earth and press Ctrl+Alt+A it will open up a flight simulator. You can select from two different planes and take off from several locations including San Francisco, Switzerland, and the Himalayas. You can also start your flight at a specific location if you go there in Google Earth outside of the flight simulator, and then select the "start at current view" button which is above the airport selection box. The controls can be found by going to help and then clicking on keyboard shortcuts. It's a lot of fun and has pretty good resolution. The pics are of the Himalayas. The start-up screen with the options, Switzerland, New Zealand, and upside down over Washington D.C.


i know, that thing is awesome...

for mac its (command option a) or its in the toolbar under tools.

Do you have a current Version of Google Earth? I'm not sure in which version this feature was added, but the current version defiantly has it.

Well I downloaded it as soon as I saw the topic. Could having a mac be the reason?

Possibly, I know it works on PCs but I'm not sure about Macs. Have any other mac users gotten it to work?

*Definitely Sorry, that bugs me to no end. A software program can't be defiant. It's even worse than definately.

It wasn't working for me at first, but later on I tried and it worked..no idea what changed.

Works for me, after updating, but I prefer FS2002.

It worked for me like 2 weeks ago, when it came out, haven't played with it since. And I did it in Linux O_o