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Guitar cord conversion to usb or mic plug in? Answered

I have a program on my computer called "amplitube" in which it is a virtual guitar amp with a BUNCH of pedals and cool things. I would like to know a way/place to cheaply buy/make a cord that goes into either the mic or the usb slot and the other end goes into my guitar.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Get an adapter from radio shack.  YOu need a 1/4" to 1/8" I think.  Take your cord with you so you get the right one.  It just plugs onto the cord and you can still unplug it and use it as a guitar cord.  Then you plug it into your sound card in the mic in slot.

 that is a better idea than mine...but if you want a custom one you cut and strip the two cables....find the r and l (right and left ) audio cables and solder them together

 aw well sry i cant offer a better solution...i think u should  just buy one :D