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A little early for most readers, especially our hosts, but the Antipodeans started hours ago, and I'm going out in a few minutes to see the New Year in with pizza and beer at a friend's house.

Hope you all have a crackin' 2011, and keep posting the cool stuff.

And, on the 7th Jan, I'll be celebrating my fifth anniversary as a member of Instructables!


Happy January 2nd! Oh um and a late new year!

Goodness me - what time zone are you in?

Or have you just sobered up? :-)

And a wonderfully Happy New Year to us all - May all you wish for be all you wish for...

... and .... I'm back.

Dang, it's almost lunchtime!

Hangover cure that works; strong black coffee, painkillers of choice and a large handful of salted roast peanuts.

Yes, you too.


That during 2011 are met your desires. Not all them, but those who will make you happier and better person.