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My wife and I are moving to a new house that has a hidden driveway on a bend of a busy road that obscures our visibility as we exit. We are avid cyclists and ride around town on scooters, too.

Does someone have a suggestion on a remote activated light system that could call drivers' attention to the driveway as we pull out? We have multiple lights on our bikes, but nevertheless, I'd like to enhance the safety of exiting. My only thought was to hook up some sort of lights to a darkroom timer and activate it for two minutes as we leave, but that would require burying a cable in pvc as far as I could tell, and the driveway is long. In short, it would be super inconvenient.

What would be ideal is a remote activated flashing light set on one or both sides of the driveway, powered by battery that activated by the remote and turned off after a short period of time.

Any suggestions on products or designs would be appreciated.


Outdoor security lights with motion activated sensors can be installed. If you have the spotlight at your back, you would create a shadow as you exit further calling attention to an object moving. The lights are timed to go off after a certain period of non motion detecting. The spotlights could be activated or if you want, a flashing beacon or lit up sign. Good luck.

Add a reflector on the other side of the road to turn the floodlight into a flash aimed at traffic.

and drop a railway warning gate and sound the klaxons...