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Hacking the PV Solarpower into a mere electrical outlet plugger Answered

Is it possible with system of PV solar panel (and inverter to convert dc into ac current) with reasonable amount of power to reduce electrical bill simply by plugging it into the house electrical outlet instead of complicated wiring into the house? I want to see if it possible to share solar power panel sitting in the front yard with neighbor by taking turn with use of plugging it in the house outlet



10 years ago

Use the PVs to charge car batteries and run an inverter and install the outlets OUTSIDE. That's an easy way. Plug in extension cords to small things to share the power. That power won't be paid for by your electric bill. (Don't try to run hairdryers or microwave ovens or other heat on PV+battery+inverter setup or they'll probably blow the inverter.) If you try to hack it into your house's hot outlets and your neighbors without a master electrician you'll probably burn both houses down. Some electric co's sell solar panels designed to lower your electric bill, even sometimes below zero. In the daytime the meter runs backwards. But those use a special inverter AND they don't work during power failures for safety reasons.