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How can I heat my swimming pool early? Although I live in the south (NC), my pool is shaded by neighbors' huge trees. Answered

It takes 2 months to get to a good swimming temperature.The pool is 16 x 30', depth varies from 3' to 9'.? I have a solar blanket which will keep the heat in. But it will also add trash(grass and gravel) if I put it on and take it off everyday.


My best idea is to build a poly plastic greenhouse over it. You're going to need to construct supports to hold up a bubble of medium or heavy poly plastic from your hardware store. The bubble would need to be maybe a foot above the surface of the water. Build it with supports that span only the width and are not individually connected (except by the plastic) and it may become foldable. Weigh down the edges of the plastic to keep warmed air in, and to keep what is essentially a big kite from blowing away. I can't draw it right now... and I don't own a pool (or know of any water outside that isn't frozen). But I hope I've explained it wel.

I was thinking electric. What if you buy 6 sq. ft. of this... http://www.contractorsdirect.com/Laticrete-Floor-Heat Maybe wrap it around a 3 ft. long piece of 6 in. pvc pipe. Wire it to an extension cord. A thermostat. Plumb a simple inlet and outlet on the pipe. Then build or even find a box this unit will fit in. "Possibly bury it in the yard." If in a box fill the box with some type of insulation. Never power up the mat when : A) you are In the pool. B) the pump is not on. C) you are not home. If it runs safely you could forgo C) after many hours of use. It should not cost more than $80 to $100 I may try this...

cut down your neighbors tree, it's easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission  : )

take an old hot water cylinder, cut it in half (you can do that with an angle grinder) plumb one end to a pump ant the other to the pool now light a fire in it and your done. i live in england and if you use coal all around it it works a treat. dont turn it off till the fire is out though or you can melt solder and other things, this also loks pretty good in the evening. stick a grate over the top and you have a bbq aswell how cool is that

This sounds feasible. There would need to be a weight system. Even with the cover that I use in the winter to keep out trash and leaves, it is a challenge to keep in place sometimes. It lays on the surface of the water, overlaps by about 24 inches all around. I use planters and concrete blocks to weight the edges. These are not something I would be able to move daily. However, I'm getting a picture of your basic idea and seeing possibilities! Thank you. Come swim anytime!

I suppose you could raise the temperature by painting the inside of the pool and surrounding deck a matte black.

There is also this Instructable, whose creator might be able to help you with the necessary plumbing skills: Turn excess attic heat into hot water. Circulating water through your attic could not only keep the pool warm, but substantially reduce your air conditioning bills later in the year.

Thank you for the suggestion. I managed to flood the house once with a dishwasher installation. My insurance company are not impressed with my plumbing skills.

Aesthetically, very unappealing! I would also have a very hot area in the late summer unless I then whitewashed everything.

How about a set of rails on either side of the pool that will guide the blanket on and off without tipping any collected dirt into the water? Picture the way a shower curtain is attached to the rod.

Picture a pool 16 feet wide by 32 feet long. Now picture a lady of 60+ who doesn't have a pool boy!


9 years ago

Does your pool have a heater at all, aside from the solar blanket?

No heater. Not usually needed this far south

tell your neighbor to cut the trees

In the interests of being neighborly that's not doable. Besides they like the shade!

use the instructables here to build a solar collector, plumb it into the pool filter pump, and ('viola'!, Eureka!, TaDa!, etc.) there you have it.

I need something rather more passive. My skills are limited and plumbing is not one of them. Thank you for your suggestion