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How do I get a guy to ask me out? Answered

There is this guy at school who I have a crush on. How do I get him to ask me out?



I like this guy but he I do not know f he likes me

Well I asked him out and he said no b/c he likes this girl but she totally hates him.

Well he has girls out before and I'm trying to get him to ask me out.

You asked for equality. You like him? Ask him out.

I'm in total agreement.  I was asked out only once, but it made my day.

I'll go along with everyone else.  There is certainly no reason why you can't ask him out.  Would'a worked on me.

+3 my wife asked me out first as well.  I'd probably be alone and pathetic at this moment if it weren't for her.

+2  My wife asked me out initially.

Life is short.  Youth is shorter.  Don't waste it.  Ask him out somewhere SIMPLE... out for a soda or cup of coffee.  or live a life of regrets when you get old.   If he says no,  you can move on with your life without regret.

guys dont usually man up so you will probably need to ask him out.