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How does one get a Contest deadline extended? Answered

I see the deadline for "Make It Real" was extended and  I'm wondering what it will take to get the Food Science deadline extended as well.

A Petition to the Governor, perhaps?  A Protest Rally or a Peace Rally?  How about a cyber Sit-in? 

Is there proper protocol to follow or will relentless PM requests to every past, present and future Instructables' Editor and Staff Member do the trick? 

Please advise. ;-)


Well, in this case, I get to be the main decider in extending the Food Science Contest! I'm curious as to your reasons for wanting the deadline extended. We balance our schedule pretty carefully so we have the proper support to close all of the contests we have running (it takes a lot of wok on the back end of things here), so we need to make sure we're not overloaded on the number of contests starting and stopping at the same time.

We definitely want to provide everyone with the best experience possible. However, extending a contest for one whole week with the hopes of only getting in one more project isn't really all that beneficial on our end. Extending it a week because we found some great new outlet to introduce the contest to a whole group of new people who want to enter - now that's a great reason!

So what do you think?

I think your answer makes perfect sense, Scooch, and I appreciate your candor.

I've got a couple of fun, experimental recipes in mind for the Challenge, but it's been impossible to find the key ingredients I need.  The local 1,200 sq. ft grocery store here doesn't carry ingredients like invertase, agar agar, calcium lactate... or even sodium alginate.  lol...  grrrrr!  ;-)  

I'll be back in the States in early May, but the way things are looking, I doubt I make the current deadline.  Woe is me... where are the violins??? ;-) 

Thank you for weighing in on this question.  I guess the timing for this Challenge just wasn't for me.  It's all good though.  There will be plenty more challenges I can participate in... and just around the corner, I hope! ;-)

They extend it because they ain't got enough entries yet.


I used to think that.

The Car Audio Challenge closed with 34 entries, whereas the Make It Real Challenge was extended with 234 entries.

The prize value may be a factor in the latter instance?

Yes, prize value will be one factor.


Be on the paid staff, or the contest sponsor.

(@steveastrouk - there are too many vegetarians is SF for the chicken entrails thing to work)

Kiteman, do you know this with 100% certainty... or is this an educated guess?

How does the Staff determine what extensions are made? 

A very educated guess - I've never seen a deadline extended following nothing but membership requests.


6 years ago

A you tube video of you sobbing and pleading might get you some consideration. Or they might just get a good laugh out of it. But you don't know unless you try. We all look forward to the forum post.
Make sure to dress for the occasion. You know, flour in the hair, torn and burned apron, piles of dishes and cat sitting in the middle of the latest cake. "The cat ruined it and we had to start all over."!

Nice... (that might actually work). :)

One method I heard of requires the entrails of a chicken.