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How oscillators work? Answered

Why oscillators like wien bridge oscillator or RC phase shift oscillator gives only sinusoidal waves instead of triangle waves or square waves of particular frequency. Please dont explain about multi-vibrators .

Also please say how to differentiate between low frequency oscillator and high frequency oscillator. By using any value of R(resistance) and C(capacitance) i will be able to get any frequency(high or low) by substituting in respective formula. But what makes one to judge a oscillator as high frequency or low frequency.



3 years ago

Great link: http://www.lmgtfy.com/?q=How+oscillators+work


4 years ago

High frequency is when the resistor inductance becomes a factor in the
actual oscillation output !

A very simple answer is that whenever a capacitor is used as a prime component in any kind of oscillator the out put will depend upon charging & discharging of the capacitor which is more or less sinusoidal so output will greatly depend upon this characteristics.

For outputs like triangular or square wave, you have to go for components in oscillator section that have digital characteristics that is 0 or 1 like digital AND or OR gates.

In digital world, there is no fixed term for " low frequency" and "High frequency". It is very relative term. It depends upon the project you refer or are working on. In general term 32KHz is considered as very high frequency if you are talking of Digital counters or ADC samples for a particular DAQ board but when we are doing project based on latest ARM-F4 microcontrollers, then it is very low frequency for us as our normal working frequency is around 100MHz.

I guess they work like oscillators ;) Go to google and make a research!

Understand the operation of the oscillator as an amplifier, with its feedback connected backwards. The amplifier then amplifies the voltage on the tank circuit, which has time dependent components in it, which axiomatically generate sinusodal waves as energy is exchanged between them.

There isn't a definition of "low frequency" and "high frequency", high frequency starts when your oscillator doesn't.

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