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How to improve Instructables.com ! Answered


I am web designer so I will be specific.

These little things bug me but they must drive crazy those ordinary PC users.
It seriously degrades the overall user experience on this web !

Here I will point to current problems and show you how to fix it.
All following is about EDIT MODE.

Constructive critisism, right ? :)

I know you are using jQuery UI 1.8.11 on this site.
Now there is no indicator IF the file uploads at all and/or in case of bigger file/slower connection how long it needs yet !

You have it already in use, when "updating" small progress bar I saw used in images area.
Use following it will do miracles:

Put buttons SELECT FILES + UPLOAD FILES side by side !
Imagine adding 20 images the upload button goes down.
Do not force user to think let alone to do things extra, hide buttons from him !

And not to forget ADD there tiny link sor of button to DELETE ALL IMAGES before uploading.
What if you choose by accident wrong folder and upload 20 images you do not want to.
Sort of CHECK ALL + DELETE function so you can for instance uncheck those you want to leave there.

This happens.
You edit for a while, close window only to realise content is not saved.

Could you implement:
* AUTO SAVE function after like 5 mins ?
* if NOT saved ! = give him JavaScript pop up with "You have unsaved draft. Do you want to continue or save first ?"
* IF SAVED = let user close window, no big deal
* if saved = add to left small greyish message Saved ... or the button itself
* NEW content = button says SAVE NOW
* if saved = itself could go grey and have text SAVED = when content changes, turn it orange again !
* the same functionality that GMAIL uses, it is simple

Biggest pain here !
I can have like 20 steps, want to move 1/2 of them for instance.
Let us reorder ALL STEPS simply !
Click on the reorder button and offer, let us reorder, offer us small OK button or some function to toggle the "moving" state back to stationary.

Enlighten me please if mistaken.
Do you realise these 2 buttons EACH NEXT to each other do the EXACTLY same thing ?
Delete one :)

The window is too small.
Lenghty steps are pain to write and review on such size.
Enable resizing handle the same you already have in forums post edit mode !

Get rid of those ugly default JavaScript message windows please.
Use this and style it to your web orange :)

Dear Instructables.com look at screenshots for better reference.
Do not let me waste two hours of my time figuring out stuff and writing this post.
Thanks :)

Best regards
Krsiak Daniel


Dear Krsiak,

Thank you for your feedback on the site, and for your suggestions on ways in which we could make the process of editing an Instructable smoother for everyone. Usability and clarity are big concerns for us, and we're working hard to keep the site in step with the times as best we can.

I can't promise an exact schedule as we have a number of high priorities for engineering this year, but many of your concerns are being addressed as we work through other changes that we hope will make authoring Instructables smoother and less frustrating for everyone.

Thanks again for sending us your constructive feedback -- we really appreciate that you've taken so much time to tell us what we're doing right, and what needs work!

Phil Seaton

Do not let me waste two hours of my time figuring out stuff and writing this post.

How would they stop you?


A shot in the dark here:

The person may not natively speak english and perhaps chose words that don't have the exact meaning that was intended.

It all looked constructive to me, if a bit blunt at some points.


My sentence construction was perhaps not the luckiest.
It was supposed to be a joke, sorry if it gives wrong meaning.
Cannot figure out all mistakes as English is not my native language :)

You are right, I am not native speaker but I try to do my best :)

It is called = full professional proficiency (not making this up, HR term).
I may do some grammar mistakes along the way but let's say my English is good enough to get by in any IT related job.

And yes I tend to speak bluntly sometimes although I do mean no harm.
Bluntly as in: speaking in an honest way even if this upsets people
Not bluntly as in:  not sharp (silly)

Hi, I'm someone who accepts the site as always "being a bit crappy in places", so I understand your frustration. I was just wondering why you persisted for so long? Persistence is a good quality but can be overdone.


Then I understood you fine and took your humor the way you intended. Your english is adequate enough for general communication, just a bit rough on the finer points of geniality.

Anyhow, now that we are clear that you natively use a different language than many of the rest of us, perhaps your points will be more well received and understood.

I particularly agree with the points you made regarding file uploads and a warning about leaving an edit page without saving.