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How to make a tv screen's electron beam constant, not pulsed? Answered

I got an old black and white mini radio tv. I hacked the yoke to turn it into a vector display. The problem is that the beam electron beam is pulsed, rather than constant,  causing dotted lines.

How do I make the beam constant? Should I bypass the internal RF input circuitry and replace the normal input with something else? Is there an easier solution?


It wont work guns will burn out

Its the scan circuitry that you need to look at. The CRT is driven by two power supplies, the LT for the heaters, and the HT for the gun. I suspect the HT is derived from the flyback supply, so you could try adding a big high voltage capacitor at the output of the supply, to hold it on, or you could look on line for the circuit diagrams of the old Atari vector displays off things like Battlezone, Star Wars, or Asteroids.
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