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I Need an accessory for my iPhone that doesn't exist yet, except in TV land

Help, I'm tired And Don't Want to Get Up. I like to read on my ihone and listen to music in bed before going to sleep. When sitting up, this is pretty easy to do, but not while reclining.
So I was watching the tube and a GEICO ad comes on. You see the face of aniPhone wwhile they tell you about the GEICO apps for the phone and what they do, and then the announcer says the infamous line about so easy a caveman can do it, and it's a cave man of course and he walks out yelling. BUT the phone is in some kind of device that holds it. Seems like you can use it hands free and it's attached to some kind of base for stability.
This would be great for me. When holding the phone while I lie down, every time I shift the position of my hand (as in turning a page, going to a song) I dop the phone

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jeff-o (author)2010-02-16

So, you need a strap like they have on camcorders to hold the iPhone on your hand?

bowmaster (author)2010-02-14

The device you are talking about is to hold the phone still so the camera can focus on the screen. I would make a head band with a wire that comes out and has a suction cup on the end.

Burf (author)2010-02-14

Is that an iPhone? I've seen the commercial but paid little attention to it. I thought it was an iPad. In either case, get yourself a TV bed tray, affix a flexible gooseneck to the tray. Put a large suction cup  the free end of the gooseneck. Put the tray across your body and stick the iPhone to the suction cup, a glass of your favorite beverage on the tray and laze away.