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I have spent many hours making these instructables for the contest and they haven't been accepted for days. Help? Answered

I recently entered the Back to School Contest. My first instructable was accepted within a day, after that, even though they obviously fit the requirements for the contest and it said that you could submit more than one, the next instructables were "pending approval" and have been doing so for the past few days. Today I checked on it to see if they had been accepted to find that someone else that entered their instructable today got it accepted on the same day. I am getting very annoyed because I have spent many hours making these instructables for the contest. Please Help anyone?



Best Answer 5 years ago

The office is closed on weekends. so there is no one to do reviews. And Monday they have to catch up so it might be a little delayed. Unless you are pushing the deadline for the contest I would give them the time they need to work things through. Patience.

What about the person that sent in their instructable on Sunday and got it accepted into the contest the same day. Is there not a line, or a system of process?

Thank You. I really appreciate that. It helps me to know that all hope is not yet lost. I will definitely vote your answer as the best if that helps.