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I need help with a THERMOELECTRIC COOLER project? Answered

My project I would like to complete is a thermoelectric piece of turbo piping to cool on my friends drift car it needs to be able to run on a 12v battery .I am looking at buying a few of these http://www.allelectronics.com/make-a-store/item/pjt-7/40mm-x-44mm-thermoelectric-cooler/1.html building a square piece of turbo piping to put it in. I am still not quite sure exactly how it works. I am a Ford Technician, Ford uses them in the heated and cooled seats so they kinda explained how they work but they left quite a bit out. So a lil info or suggestions would be appreciated thanks. If I build it I'll be sure and put the build up on here.



I dunno. It might help if you knew how much air you need to cool, and how much you want to cool it. I mean, multiplying those two numbers, the mass flow rate and the temperature difference, gives the rate at which heat must be moved out of the air.

That number Qmax, from the page you linked to, I wonder if Qmax is the maximum possible heat flow, from the cold side to the hot side? Well, that's probably a good guess.

Why not calculate the amount of heat flow you want for your air cooling problem, and then compare that number to Qmax?

don't really know the mass flow its quite a bit i really dont understand the qmax and the tmax stuff the specs are greek to me. I was thinking of building a square pipe and putting them against sides in a square shape with the hot side out against the metal to remove heat (it will be right in front of the radiator fan). The car has an intercooler but the cooler air you have the more hp you will gain. While a couple hp don't seem like much it does help in an under powered car.

Wet the intercooler, and you'll get far more cooling than a thermoelectric cooler can manage

Forget thermoelectric coolers. There is no way they can handle the power requirements. Presumably you want to make an intercooler ?

how much power do they require because on fords vehicles its a low amount and they cool the air by 30 degrees and can raise the temp of the air by 50 degrees

How much power they require depends on how much they are doing ! The mass flow rate through a turbo charger is very high.