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Instructables is cranky when I try to Publish a new instructable. Answered

When I click "publish", it says: "Oops! We couldn't understand your request. Please contact us to tell us as much detail as possible about what you were trying to do when this happened."

.. All I did was click "Publish" on my current draft version. Suggestions?


I was having the same problem earlier when trying to edit an existing Instructable, I tried it in another browser (Chrome) and it worked first time. FYI I was having the problem in Firefox. Alternatively you could try clearing your browser cache (particularly your cookies) and see if that makes any difference.

I just noticed that the Instructables site has just switched to using secure HTTPS, this was probably the reason for the troubles. Try it again, probably be fine now.

I can't upload Vimeo iframe codes and I can't publish the 'ible either. Just refreshes the page. Tried in both FireFox and Chrome. What did they do?!

Full Preview link: https://www.instructables.com/id/EG8POV6HQ1E019E/

You need to include a picture so we can use it as a thumbnail when the project is indexed; even for a video Instructable.

You mean like the one I already have there that is getting ignored?



Are you using the mobile or the desktop version of the site?


The Mobile version has issues that I may address another time, completely unrelated to this though.

Try to create new instructables in the new editor and hit "embed" at the top. You should be able to post a link like this into the new editor's embed modal


Did that work?

Looks like Vimeo changed up how they handle video (default is now HTML5). We're looking into how we can make this work on our end.

Ditto. Same thing happened to me, but instead of "Oops!..." nothing happened. I was also using the old editor.

(I'm using Chrome Version 31.0.1650.63 on MacOS 10.9.1)

Was it in the old or new editor? Can you send me a link to the Full Preview of it so we can take a look?

Argh, now it's working fine and I can't replicate the problem. Oh well, sorry to bother you. :)