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Introduce Yourself Answered

Well, now we have a suitable place to do this... let everyone know who you are, school?, job?, future plans, etc... My Name is Paul - I'm a Mechanical Engineering student (third year) and I go to school at the University of Central Florida (UCF) in Orlando. I currently don't have a job (other than little things around campus) - but I'm looking for an internship or even better an externship. As for the future -- I really don't want to work for someone else after I graduate. I don't know how that's going to work out just yet - so I continue to network...


My name is Ian. I'm 13 years old, and like fire and explosives. I'm interested in electronics and BEAM, even though I have never built anything electronic. Hopefully that will change at Christmas, I'm asking for some kits and books. I also like building robots with Lego Mindstorms.

Each day I study philosophy, earn a living, raise two kids, feed a husband and a dog, oversee family chore duties, and surf Instructables. It took me over 25 years to save to go to college. If your folks can pay for your education, by all means, take'em up on it!!! I am funding myself, and boy, it stinks having to go it alone. I am over 41 years old. GO TO COLLEGE!! Or lead a Dickensian life of back-breaking labor for low wages and exorbitant amounts of stress. ++A Cash-Poor yet Happy Housewife from Troy, NY++


11 years ago

I'm William "Chops" Westfield. I have a BSEE degree from UofPenn. I'm like, OLD. I was writing ARPANet software back before many of you were born (SUPDUP and XMODEM for TOPS10, eh!) I'm married with three kids, the oldest of whom has started going to dances. I work at "cisco Systems" writing software as a "Distinguished Engineer" (which means I opted out of "management.") Aside from software, electronics, and cooking, I was a gymnast (which the kids have inherited), I enjoy reading (especially SF) and have been know to attend a number of SF conventions like BayCon. I've also been into rockets and pyrotechnics; I've been in PGI and WPA, been to WWBs, and I'm a lifetime member of NAR and RRS. But those haven't coexisted with "family" so well, and are more or less on hiatus.

Hey, i'm jake, 13 in the 9th grade. Love to play video games, and draw. Love cars, and also play guitar. And i want to be a doctor when i get older.

I've got some pretty sweet bios for everyone at Instructables and Squid Labs coming up soon. For now, I'm Eric, I'm a co-founder of Squid Labs, and now I run Instructables. I am looking for interns... I'm sure intoon will have some glowing things to say about his last summer here.

Oh, but of course.

My name is Erich. I am a junior in high school in Nebraska and was a Howtoons intern at Squid Labs this past summer. I got to live in the big city and eat Hot Dog Jerky and free bread. Working with a lot of amazing people was a rare opportunity that I would take again in a heartbeat. I would highly recommend interning for Instructables. It is time well spent.

On the subject of interns, here is a bit of Instructables trivia.

Who can guess where the name "intoon" came from?

Props to the person with the closest answer...

Tim, Ready to graduate UMD at College Park and On to GradSchool yay Demography I build things hackthings, raised in country first thing i built from scrap was a ballista to scare away buzzards who skanked up my backyard

Im Dano or Dan The Man Im 13 in the 8th grade in my free time I play with fire, play the tuba, play video games (currently addicted to Halo 2 and Need For Speed Hot Pursuite 2 on PS2). I like to listen to Punk, Death Metal, Some oldskool stuff, Rave/dance music. Some bands NO FX, Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murpheys, Mega Death, Nepalm Death, Job For a Cowboy, The Offspring, Captain Jack, my brothers techno music, i could go on but to say the least im addicted to music.

Well I'm like new to here, but I'll give it a go: My name is Mike. I live in Poland where I study Automatisation and Robotic (fourth year; doing an engeneering diploma right now) on the Mechatronics department and IT (just started). Besides that I'm into Linux and electronics (starting up).

Hi My name is Robert and I'm an instructaholic. Currently work for the gov't teaching underprivileged children horticulture. Will be quitting sometime next year to attend UCF, hopefully as a mech eng student, right now I go to VCC and have a very decent GPA. Oh yeah, the important stuff, middle aged, married, no kids. right now have the flu and am avoiding studying for a physics exam tomorrow.

I'm sorry a true ninja never reveals his identity