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Is there currently a college dorm survival guide?

What materials, skills, or requirements are essential to successfully live in a relatively spacious college dorm.

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frollard (author)2009-07-17

Probably not - but you could make one! Clean/organized do not guarantee survival - but they make life easier for spur of the moment projects, studying, partying, cooking, etc - having to clean before you cook etc sucks. establish rules with housemates regarding essentials like food, money, cleaning, spare time 'areas' and their usage at what times...etc. I won't suggest anything specific - but you must have ground rules like "stealing my food will cause you to die". and many many more... have a repertoire of pranks ready for the onslaught of little stuff that will happen...

MegaMaker (author)frollard2009-09-11

Always keep some silly string on hand for that last part.