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Launch it Contest Answered

Anyone know why it is taking so long for my entry to get into the Launch-it Contest.
Voting ends tomorrow and no moderater has approved my instructable!


I entered it in time!


I'm disappointed with the finalists of the challenge. Two of them are the same instructables that won the Make It Move challenge. That's frustrating to see while new content (admittedly that includes my own) went unnoticed. I suspect that entering late into the contest really hurts your chances. My instructables were not approved until two days after voting had already started.

You say it wasn't as good, but obviously you don't know that. I had two entries, so if you had viewed and compared my entries to the finalists you would know not to address both of them as 'it'. I can take criticism, but please don't say my content is not as good as something else without actually viewing it.

Sorry. I was looking through the contest entries, sorted by recent, and saw your machine gun, and assumed that was your only entry. Don't get me wrong, it was good, but I didn't think it was fair of you to accuse the judges of not looking through all of the entries carefully. They definitely try to, and I honestly think that the finalists deserved to be their. I have lost in contests, too, and been upset, but I always knew deep down that the other entries deserved it more.

I'm not really sure if I meant to make an accusation at the judges of unfair selection, really I just don't know enough about the process and was disappointed with the surprises that I had when entering. I can't say I believe that some of the finalists deserved it more than I, as I spent a good 20+ hours each and a hundred some dollars on both of my entries. Not to say the finalists don't deserve publicity for their work, but I believe my entries were at least on par, if not for concept then for production value.

In any case I'm past it. I really hoped to win the contest to let Instructables keep the xbox or give it to second place in exchange for a feature, which I ended up with anyway. As much as I would have liked an xbox, the publicity is more important to me long term.

Also, I apologize for jumping to a conclusion about your not viewing my entries. I realized shortly after posting that it would be an easy mistake to only see the one and stop there. I took offense too quickly.

Mine got in two days after the voting started!
I had about 4 hours before the deadline, got it in, in time, though...

I am very sure your instructable was seen by the judges.
I believe the judges would give you the benefit of the doubt, for entering late or right up to the ending time.

Maybe you should step it out, instead of the video??

Good luck on your next one!!!

Yeah the video project is what I think hurt me. The judges cannot browse through quickly like you can on a page by page instructable. That's not something I'm likely to change though. I may make my projects with instructables in mind, but it still has to go up to my every day viewers who are mostly interested in video.

Maybe I'll make my next one a little bit of a hybrid. Thanks for the tip.

Just checked, and it is in the contest.