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Mauser C96 Answered


So, ever since I saw Chuunibyou, I've wanted to try my hand on a Mauser C96.
Once again, it's a model, based heavily on Aug5om3's version.
I built his one, then changed the handle, trigger and shortened the barrel a bit.
The handle is a bit less sturdy than I like, but it looks pretty IMO, though the front of it could use some more curving.

It features:
- a comfortable handle
- charging handle
- moving hammer
- pretty good looks

I'm not entirely happy with it, but as I have plans for other builds, I decided to take some photos to share, and then take it apart.

Posted it as a forum topic, as it isn't original enough to warrant a full slideshow.
Tell me what you think in the comments!


Yeah, it's fun build again, when I get the motivation, haha. I have a few things to build next, so that shouldn't be that big of a problem anymore :)

Very nice, it doesn't look as good as some of your work, but you could clean it up a bit easily. I agree with Dunkis, it should be easy to make it shoot.

I know this isn't the greatest, but I cleaned up the barrel a bit, which looks a bit smoother now. Pistols in general are pretty hard to replicate with K'nex.
It can shoot now. More information about that is in my latest reply to TheDunkis below.

Agreed. It is nice that it shoots now, that is a improvement. As for it blocking too far back, you could remove the blue clip on the trigger block, or replace the green rod and blue clip with a cut rod end.

I did that trigger update, and yeah, it does work better. I haven't tested it with a big rubberband yet, but it's smooth and stable with a normal, small rubberband.
It's probably the last update on this gun, as I have some more stuff I want to build next.


pew pew pew

I think it could easily be converted into a shooter without compromising looks at all. Give it a go, man.

It should definitely be possible to fit a trigger in it, barrel's easy to fix for when it shoots.
I'll give it a try tomorrow, the biggest problem will probably be the handle when pulling back the pin, as it isn't the sturdiest.

I see what you mean. Well, it's more of a just for funsies sort of weapon anyway, so it wouldn't need to be able to handle that many bands. But tweak the handle if you can. See if you can also make the magazine functional. I'm sure you could pull all that off. I look forward to seeing the results.

I got a working trigger in it with some minor tweaking of the internal parts. The magazine works as a standard, non-removable, one that holds green rods or grey, one-slot connectors.
The trigger setup is not optimal for pistols, as it blocks the pin back very far, making it unstable without a pin guide.
I haven't shot it, as the big rubberbands I have are all worn out. But I guess it'd reach somewhere up to 30 feet under optimal conditions.
The handle hasn't changed, so the connection to the body still isn't that great. But it holds up pretty well with normal use.