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Need help Hooking Car Stereo up to PSU for inside home use. Answered

i need help hooking this up.  I got the main idea of the player itself(as in what wires are for what)   but when it comes to the PSU i am so lost. SO MANY WIRES AND PINS!  i need help knowing what to cut, what to connect to what.  I have seen some instructions around here and online but i just cant seem to get it right.  Thanks  Oh keep in mind this psu has a on off switch.



I know it says 12v on the stereo. I know what colors are for on the radio...but again....the multiple wires and pins just overwhelm me.

if you don't have the wire harness that plugs into the back of the stereo, best bet would be open it up and find +12v and the ground. Once you get it to power on, you can pick and poke for the speaker outputs.

If you haven't already, you will have to do a conversion on the power supply so that it works without being connected to a computer motherboard, Just search the site for

bench top power supply from computer power supply.


bench top psu from atx power supply

Is a simple build requiring only one 10 ohm ceramic resistor that are very cheap. Most of the projects on here have voltages and which wires are which in the instructables.


6 years ago

i had connected a 600 watts atx psu to a car stereo with a pair of 380 3 way speakers for testing purposes and it worked, i don't know about using it for a long time. in the psu the yellow wire is +12v, black is gnd, and you have to connect the green wire(power on) to gnd to turn on the psu. you most be aware of the power needs of the stereo, othewise you will blow your psu and even maybe your stereo.

BTW that is a atx psu, right???

Hmmm, you may "not" have enough power/amperage from a computer PSU to drive an automobile stereo. It depends on the power demands of said stereo. Also, you may be able to look up the specs for your PSU on line if you have manufacturer, model (#), serial number(s), etc. You might even get a pin out for the thing.
Good luck :-)