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Need help with modify headphone amp schematic? Answered

I need help with remove the op-amp part of the headphone amp .I have  another gainstage ,so i only need the transistor part.Can i modify the schematic like the image bellow ???
Thanks in advance!
Sorry for my bad English!


The opamp adds feedback to the design, you need to design THAT into the whole thing, if you insist on getting rid of it.

What's wrong with having the opamp ?

I have opamps and gain stage before it.But the signal is not strong enough to load a pair of headphone.And i dont have space to add booth the opamp ans transistor part.

Once again, show YOUR circuit. I'd add the transistors as a final power stage around the final amp. An LM386 would be smaller than your transistors....

Thanks, this is my schematic.
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