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One Hundred! Answered


Nuff said.


Nice work, Me and gmjhowe are hoping to get there in 6 months !

And in recognition of your achievement....


I tend to think that God said "listen-up you, write this down., Firstly-" and the reply was "hang on, I'm working with a chisel and stone here, you've got to slow down, and even if I use both sides I can't fit much on here - I lugged these all the way up the mountain, I've done by back-in - can we be concise?", "Hmm, OK, I'll just give you the best bits then" - number 1 "Thou shalt post" - "What?" "Sorry, the internet is a future thing, never mind that one for now, I'll have to get some prophet to do that later"...


Why isn't there a "Guide to timanderson" seeing as he has more than 200 ibles.

Who knows?  I encourage you to get in touch with Staff and organize one!

I saw the guide to kiteman was posted by scooch, didn't she go as an intern for ibles?

Anyways, If I were to make a guide, It would be a knex guide seeing as there are no knex guides out now.

At the moment, the interface to physically construct Guides is accessible to Staff only.  If you want to make a Guide (for anything!), the procedure is a bit indirect:
  • Collect the list of I'bles you want included
  • Write the commentary for each of those I'bles, and your introduction
  • Contact Staff (e.g., Scoochmaroo) and ask them to package it up for you
If the Guide subject is inappropriate, Staff may have you reconsider, but K'Nex is a very obvious topic.

I used to do that, but then they announced that it was closed to Staff only.  Last time I did it, they gave a list to choose from.

Really?  That's disappointing, and a bit surprising.  I had suggested this Guide to Scoochmaroo, and she ran with it.  Maybe you want to try again?

"I had suggested this Guide to Scoochmaroo,..."


Another one of my comments disappears...


Ah, that explains it!  I was surprised that you hadn't posted here, but it gave me a happy opportunity :)

My mistake, I posted on the other topic "Just one to go", sorry.


"...contacted by a group of dedicated Instructablers..."

It's a conspiracy!

Who dunnit?  You?  Lira?  Jake?  Lemonie?

Fess up!

Actually, I'm rather proud...

You asked, "You?  Lira?  Jake?  Lemonie?"

Ummmm, yes.  And congratulations again :-)

Congratulations! You have 4 times as much free time as me!


Well done again!

 This isn't why your car ended up in a field... Is it? I sure hope not...

So crack a bottle, let cho' body waddle, don't act like a stompy model you just hit the waddle.....

That song was tight, and relevant too!

 i don't get it

Follow the link - it's my hundredth Instructable.

Yay! A worthy 100th. Adnams is good ale.

Well done, sir, well done!  And is that a banhammer or a bottle opener in the fellow's right hand? :->

I never thought to ask.  Here's another view.


And a good one to mark it too.


When I realised the number coming up, I decided to delay a couple of others to make this the century.

 You have failed me. This should have been your 400th topic.


8 years ago


 <congratulatory nod>