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Online Game Recemendations Answered

I have 2 games (and a half), first: runescape.com this is an adventer MMORPG. You battle different types and levels of monsters and characters. You can strive to be the richest or to be the strongest. Second: hflhotel.4t.com this is a habbohotel.com fan site with its own habbo like interface. You log in and you automaticly get 800,000 free coins. In habbohotel.com you have to buy you're coins for 10 cents a coin. That can add up! 50 coins is $10, so I recomend what they call, a retro habbo. (I am sorry... this website had been moved to a different server or deleted. I am sad too) In a half: habbohotel.com I dont recomend this game unless you have 500 dollars laying in a dust gathering pile in you're tool shed or you will have the least of fun!


Runescape owns all online gmes played through your browser. My runescape people are Leauweag (Meele 37) and Gwenwhyvara (Mage and ranging 17) Who you ellomate?

i am brooks578 in runescape baseballboy578 in real habbo and that one hflhotel is now not there, i was ellomate56 on that... Runescape lvl: 43 combat about 27 mage 42 mining Habbo coins: 0 coins but lots o funri

Isn't there already a forum topic on this called; Habbo vs. Runescape?

Yes, and I made one called: Runescape vs. WoW (World war craft)

for a free game runscape beats the living crap outa wow but if u wanted to pay wow beats the living crap out of ur living crap thats in u also DO NOT PLAY MAPLESTORY IF U DO ILL SELL U MY ACCOUNT (LVL 51 ASSASIN 35 HUNTER 37 BANDIT)

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