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Possible 3d scanner project Answered

an idea just popped in my head, just an idea..

take a scanner apart, and in stead of the scanner moving, have the "object" do a 360 while its scanned. so im thinking take the stepper motor our and build some sort of rotation device so when its suppose to "scan" the object is rotated and the scanner piece is at a fixed vertical position

what do you guys think? please send suggestions, sketches. any input will greatly be appreciated =)


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lemonie (author)2009-12-31

Scanners rely upon reflected light - if the object isn't close to the scanner you'll not image it very well. What sort of things did you think of scanning?


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Goodhart (author)2009-12-30

using a "standard scanner"  you will get "one thin line"  The whole idea of the moving scan is to get more then an inch of area scanned.

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