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Riddle - A kid walks 5 miles up hill to AND from school - How does he do it? Answered

A kid walks 5 miles up hill to AND from school.- How does he do it?

I thought of some unconventional ways that this is possible. Just get creative with your answers, this should give us some laughs.


his parents are divorce and his mom lives at the bottem of a 10 mile high hill. the father lives at the top of the hill. the school is in the center. he lives with his mom and walks to school in the morning. his mom works in the afternoon and evening so he goes to his fathers house witch is higher up the hill. therefore he walks 5 miles to and from school.

The kid goes to M.C. Escher High School. It's best not to ask too many questions.

All right, you get the best answer award for having the funniest comment.

The kid lives 2.5 miles from the school on a street called "Uphill" every school day he leaves his house walks 2.5 miles on Uphill and then another 2.5 after school back home on Uphill equaling 5 miles uphill

i know this should probly go somewere else but i got another answerable riddle

i come at the begining or the end
2wice in a week and once in a year
what am i

I believe the first line of the riddle should read "I come at the beginning of end and at the end of time", in which case the answer is the letter E. But I googled that so I cheated. :)

lol yea my friends allways are stumped on that one

His name was Gilligan.

A little late, but... LoL!!!!! That is one of the funniest comments ever!


7 years ago

He has divorced parents, and the school is in a valley!

Three theories :P

1) He does whatever he wants to get to school, because he goes to law school and understands human rights.
2) He goes to school and says he walks 5 miles both ways. This is because he understands human rights and freedom of speech, because he goes to a law school.
3)The boy no longer cares about the riddle he invented several months ago because he got expelled from the law school for liying explicitly.

How do you spell "liying"?

He got Chuck Norris to kick him to school there for creating a quantum time anomalie and eventually ending earth as we know it today.

really late but-- he RUNS back and walks to.

He has two houses, one downhill from the school, the other uphill.

The hill is a lie.

 Uh, There is a five mile bump in the road, duh >.>


1) He plays leapfrog with his "pleasingly plump pal."
2) It's the pothole that's five miles deep.
3) He has multiple houses and schools, all of which are always exactly five miles apart on a hill
4) His teacher has a bunk o' bustin' mega super ultra... BOOM!
5) He wakes up after having a very strange dream, in which his next destination is always five miles uphill.

 1.He lives like me. My school is 5 miles between my gramps house and home, IN the morning I go to my gramps house. then i walk five mile up the 15 degree hill and then 5 miles back home after school done. Both homes are owned by my family or in this case the kid.

2. The school is at sea level on mars, his house is 5 miles into a frozen sea with only 2 ways out one directly to school and one vertically down. He walks to school up a slope and gets there. After school he has to climb to the top of the mountain then moon jump down and land perfectly in the exit which goes vertically down into his house in order to avoid alien death virus which is only active on sea level on the afternoon.

#2 lol :P I overloaded my sisters email with an army of over 1000 smiley :P emoticons.#2 lol

Or maybe he wasn't home to start with. He could have been at his friend's house or his grandparents' house in the morning, having slept over, and then went home after school.
(You didn't specify that he started from home ;D)

The kid had a teleporter device that made it look like he was going up hill to school, but wasn't really, he was going downhill.

 Or there was a machine which went haywire every afternoon and turned everything upside down.

A bit late, but how about:
His parents are separated. It is a friday. In the morning, he walks from his mum's house (at the bottom of the hill) and then afterwards, he goes to the top of the hill to spend the weekend with his dad.

How's that?

 he has 2 homes on both sides of the hill

 He is repeatedly being expelled and fostered and he lives on a foreign planet 
which is 45' all the time

 The school and his house move up a hill everyday.

The kid turns around backwards faceing uphill and walks home.

Its a trick question. Kids always go by car these days.

It's a 10 mile walk., and there is a hill that is directly inbetween the two.
So to get to school he has to walk 5 miles uphill, and 5 downhill.
Same thing with the way back.

That's the most realistic one I've heard.

His parents are separated and he spends the mornings and nights at his mum's and the evenings at did dad's.
So he leaves his mum's in the morning, walks uphill to school, then, after school walks uphill to his dad's.  Later that evening, his dad gives him a lift back to his mum's ready for the next day.

There is a 10 mile distance between his house and the school.  Both his house and the school are at the tops of 5-mile-long hills.  To get to school he walks 5 miles downhill, then 5 miles up;  the same trip for return.

The kid lives on a gentle slope, rising from the valley bottom to the top of a range of hills over several miles. In the morning he walks 5 miles uphill to "The flying school" a mechanical marvel built in the shape of a giant woodlouse. During the course of the day the school flies to various locations for lessons, but ultimately returns to the valley-bottom, where he then has to walk another 5 miles uphill home.
And they apprehend some criminals about 14:30.


Haha, I didn't see that coming. I might pick it as the best answer, but I'm going to let other people have a go at it for a few days.

I have a warped sense of humour, but I'll admit that I got the idea out of a comic.


The school is on a floating barge.  In the morning it is moored 5 miles up river.  He has to walk 5 miles uphill to get to school.  By the afternoon it has floated 5 miles down river and he has to walk 5 miles up hill to get home.