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"Show All 8 Images" -- not liking it Answered

The page formatting has recently been updated so that not all photos in a group are displayed.

Instead, there's an item to click, "Show all 8 images".

I don't like this feature... I'm reading the article, why wouldn't I be interested in seeing the images?

Alternately, is there a way to specify a "see all images" preference?

I also don't like how now the images in the image sets fade in rather than just being images
on the page.  In general, the older style of images were much more functional.

Sorry if I'm sounding like the grumpy old man complaining about the kids and their new-fangled Web 2.0 coding!


Thanks for the feedback. We are always trying out new things with the site, so this might change in an upcoming release (along with other new features that will also ruffle some feather).
We're always experimenting to make the site better, so please keep letting us know your thoughts!

Most excellent, looking forward to seeing what you're doing. Of course, you've done a great job so far!

....is a particularly good example, there are many, many more.

Like many (most) people, I want the OPTION of more, but not a DEFAULT of "all" - like many, I view this site on expensive mobile bandwidth, 300 pictures I don't want to see on my coin is an imposition.

Mobile bandwidth is a good point.

Oddly, when I look at the page you mention, I don't get a "Show All"... just the way I like it! If I could get this behavior (and I would be content if it were an option I had to set) on the "show all steps" page I would be very happy.

Did you leave it long enough to fully load ?

yep... it looks like if I go to a .../stepX page it does just what I want. It even eliminates the annoying "fade-in" effect when the pictures are scrolled to.

instructables programmers: please help me do this on the "all steps" page!

Ok, now it says show all 64 images. Still want to see them all ? 28 45 ? Many Instructables can have a LOT of images. Better to make it optional

Yes, I want to see them all. I'm going to be clicking on the "Show All" button anyways. I view it very much like the "show all sections on one page"... I want to have one click, and then just read the page without having to interact with it.

If you could point me to an example of an instructable where I in general wouldn't be wanting to see all the pictures, I might be able to understand your point a bit better.