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UK Makers Faire Newcastle, are you actually going? Answered

So, both me and Hannah are actually going to the Makers Faire in Newcastle, we are staying in Durham, and catching the train into Newcastle for each of the days.

The hotel is booked, and we both have the time off work, so were are going to be there for sure.

My question is, who else can we expect to see there? Have you planned on going?

It would be nice to meet up with anyone who is going, if only for a quick hello.
I am hoping to have a version of my avatar on show so you can pick me out from the crowd.

I also hope to have some Instructables flyer/hand out cards. Perhaps with my username link, as well as general info on the site itself.

Yes I know other topics have been put up about the makers faire, but this is an ultimate final roll call to see exactly who is going.


when is the 2011 makers faire

The last one was in March, so plan on the next one being around that time.

Follow that link, and you can sign up for an email newsletter for updates.

On facebook Newcastle ScienceFest says "Next ScienceFest will take place 12-21 March!" But doesn't yet specify which weekend will host the Maker Faire. I hope those are the for 2011 as they appear to be the same as for 2010, but specifies that the Maker Faire had happened on 13th/14th which was correct. Lizzy

Me and Hannah are

Hannah and I are

Grammar Mistake

 I didn't mean to offend you, but I just wanted to be abrupt. 

 Get back under your bridge troll, if you can't take it, don't dish it out.

I'm sorry. Honestly, I am.

If I came across as a troll, I appologize for that.

 Just think twice about how you point out mistakes, more often than not, a PM would be the best way, and ensure to be polite, explaining that you are just trying to help.

A large statistic of creative people also lack language skills, its just part and parcel of how our brains work.

Hey, M4industries, I'm really happy for you, and I'mma let you finish, but MY BRAIN HAS THE BEST MALFUNCTION OF ALL TIME!


Oj, Oj!

Sorry, is there more to what you were saying? There must be something else that you want to add… otherwise you would have finished your sentence with a full stop.

If you're going to be fussy with grammar and spelling, at least make the language in your own comment perfect.

 Well, just to clarify, I was abruptly pointing out the misuse of the objective case pronoun "he" where it should be "I".

Huh?  I thought "me" was the name of their cat, whom Hannah was taking with her to MF.  Jake was going to stay home and build a steampunk washer and dryer set while he had the workshop all to himself.

You bet ya, and its going to be able to steam clean the clothing at the same time!

Do we have a report?  Photos?

None on the Maker Faire website yet, but the place was bristing with serious video cameras - BBC and various others, so there'll have to be something !


What about from those iblers who went?

Didn't you take a camera?

Only had my mobile camera, and the main room was pretty dark.


Oh, excuses :-p

(No comments from gmjhowe on the subject?  Did you meet him and/or Hannah?  Did you encounter anybody who knew about Instructables?)

 I had my Ibles t-shirt on both days, we obviously just missed each other!

I did however take my DSLR, I will be uploading the pictures this evening.

Due to the A1 being closed most of the afternoon yesterday it took us 6 hours to get home instead of 2 and a half. Otherwise the photos would have been up last night.

 Did you manage to escape it? or did you drive right into it like the rest of us?

It was down to about 40 when we left at 4:30, but we were only stuck in the 50 limit bit at Leeming. Presumably you guys had further to go ? We turn off for the M1/M62


We left at about 2.15ish from Durham, and headed down the A1, and the A1M and eventually onto the M1 to turn off at junction 28 for alfreton.

Something occurred to me - I don't think I have ever come across non-Brits discussing traffic jams and routes quite the same way that we do.

In extensive travelling, I've not met any other country with quite such a broken road system as ours, with the possible exception of Cairo in Egypt, but I'll lay good odds their mean traffic speeds are STILL higher than ours. :-(


We went to Eire a couple of years ago;

"We need to go up that road."
"Which road?"
"That one"
"But that's not a road."
"It must be."
"It has road signs."

Very enjoyable. What was the verdict of other 'iblers ? We should definitely have an official Instruc-Table next year !

 I am already formulating, and heading up an official Table for us, if you can help that would be great, keep an eye out for the official topic in a few days.

Try as I might I couldn't think of a pun to rival that one. If it had been a cheese pun though..... there are loads of brie-liant ones of those, especially if you think caerphilly.


8 years ago

What a mutt I am for moving away so soon, give my love to Ncl. hope you guys have a blast!

 Danm, if I'd known in advance I'd have postponed my trip to Newcastle a couple of weeks ago. Even from N Yorks its a long way. :-(

 I think next year I will put up a proper topic early, and perhaps get spot at the makers faire as well.

 Yay, I managed to persuade my mum to take me! :-] I'm going on the Sunday. I might see you there.

Oof. I miss this by a week!  Not that I could probably convince the fiance to take a side trip so far north. . .

 Where/when abouts are you over in the UK?

Me and Han actually live in Derbyshire, we would not say no to a couple of visitors if you happened to be near by!

London, Wimbledon, Oxford, Bristol, Staines. :D

Bad planning. You could have extended your trip AND put it on expenses....
They were selling the 'ible book last year....


Ha! Tell Eric that. I'd happily go a week early and work the fair!!

NEXT year, you could split the difference - Eric gets a UK presence and you and your husband (by then ? ) get a subsidised trip.....