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What are some home made toy ideas for Ferrets? Answered

Toys for animals in general are expensive, and ferrets will play with just about anything; what are some safe ideas for making some ferret toys to fill up their toy box?


Try using a paper shredder and shred construction paper. Then stuff a large box full and cut a hole in the top. Then sprinkle in a few treats or toys. Ferrets love burrowing for the treats!

PVC out door drain pipe its easy to cut and flexable the black one with slits. cut up a few of them drill holes with a door knob hole and stack them.

1) Stay away from rubber! They love it but they do not digest it.
2) Pant Leg Tube - take a large size jean pant leg, turn in-side out & line with fury material. Turn right-side out & place 4 holes and link split-rings linked long enough hook on cage.
3) They love soft baby blankets.
4) They love "tree" like standing jute covered boards for rubbing against.
5) Allow them to have a dark "Hiding Area" and re-hide toys occasionally.
6) cardboard - ANY THING
7) Large Mailing tubes angled for slides

Hope It Helps

Another idea I read about is where you put one or two small jingle bells into plastic Easter eggs. I made two out of the shiny, metallic kind. Again, hoped I helped!


Hi! I'm helping the local pet shop by making/buying toys and treats for the animals, so I have been searching for ideas just like you! One of the ideas that I read about was a box with shredded paper, T-shirt, or any other thing that's safe with a couple treats or jingle toys in them. Cut some holes around the top so your ferret can get in and out. Hope I helped!


well im no expert, but, if you make a wooden hammock, they will play in it, sleep in it, nibble on it, etc.or, if you get a doggie toy and put one of those things that light up when you hit them, they will love it!

Nuts (in their shells) might be good, especially hazelnuts, which rattle as they get batted about (two cats in the family love hazelnuts).

If you are playing with them, how about a slinky, or a yoyo?

Buy a hamster ball, and put something interesting inside it. Or drill holes in it, then put a few (dry) treats inside, so that they have to work/play to get the treats.

Me and my little sister just got a five month old ferret, he's a little young for playing with toys. But a box full of balled up papers and a treat thrown in, or a box filled with plastic playpen balls. Or, with a stiff plastic bag, the kind that crinkles, line a pillow case on both the inside and outside and sewn the seams together to make one of those ridiculously expensive cat crinkle bags.