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What is a fun thing to do with a busted water heater? Answered

I have an old water heater that does not work, and is no longer connected to anything. It is the kind that heats it and stores it in an insulated tank. Are there any fun things I can do with this big metal cylinder?



Best Answer 8 years ago

Carefully pop the seam on the exterior metal casing and save it for use as sheet metal.
Cut the galvanized tank in half lengthwise and use them as garden planters or hot house seedling starters, plug the pipe inlets and use the halves as animal watering troughs.
If it is a gas fueled heater, salvage the burner and re-purpose it for use as an outdoor area heater, bbq grill or to heat a lead melting pot.

 Me three!
Fill it with Brown's Gas (made by electrolyzing water into hydrogen and oxygen) and light it off with a cannon fuse or spark plug.

Me four!!! (that show is awesome). You could use a demo fiber ripsaw cut it in half and use it for an interesting canoe, an ice chest, or use the two haves a table legs. or like Re-design said but ride it down a hill. The possibilities are endless.

Watch it roll down a long hill into the neighbors back yard.

Lol...best answer...

"Bowling for hollers"


8 years ago

Use it as a drainwater heat recovery unit. Re-route all of your waste hot water (from the bath, sinks, washing machine, etc) through a copper coil(s) in the center of the tank, and use it to pre-heat the supply water to your functioning water heater. Not legal in some jurisdictions, but can be a money and resource saver, even if it only pre-heats the water a few degrees.
Check out http://www.toolbase.org/Technology-Inventory/Plumbing/drainwater-heat-recovery for general info, you'll have to do the rest of the research on your own.