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What is the cheapest way to build a desk? Answered

I only have basic tools, too.


The cheapest way is, of course, by salvaging materials. Concrete blocks or bricks can be used to make the sides of the desk, and a trashed door or shelf can be used for the desktop. You want the desktop surface to be very stable and sturdy, so make sure it's not hollow, and be sure it's thick enough to support whatever's on it. (I would make it strong enough to sit on.) If you want to make it out of purchased materials, then get 6 letter/legal size storage boxes and one piece of 5/8" plywood that's 24"x48". Stack the boxes 3 high and place the plywood over it. You'll need a barstool for this desk, but it works, and the boxes can (and should) be used for storage: the weight of stuff in the boxes will help secure the desk.

Go trash-day diving, check with the freecycle group in your area or if you know of a renovation job going on in the area, check their bins for toss out wood. Often enough they won't mind you sorting or searching through their junk. You can also swipe some milk/stackable crates and salvage some wood from shipping pallets. If you look hard enough, you find them all over.

You can get a piece of shelving from Home Depot or any similar store for minimal cost. I found an eight foot length of 48" shelving, prepainted for $14. If you ask nicely, they'll even cut it to length for you. You can then either build a simple table using the shelf as the top, or just put the shelf across a couple stacks of milk crates.

get some filing cabinets or a few Tall computer towers, put a piece of wood on top and steve's your aunt.

pay your brother to bend down, then put a big plank over him