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Wild Thing hat prototype is done! Answered

Yay! I will hopefully have an instructable and pattern up for this pretty soon! The hat is ready to go, but the shape of the ears and their placement is going to be fixed. I want them to be a little smaller and a little further back on the head! The finished product is going to be made out a polar fleece, so it'll fit better and won't be as stiff as this one. It's made out of old curtains. :P


What is it exactly...? Good job by the way.

A hat inspired by Max's in Where the Wild Things Are, one of the best books for kids, ever.

I'm only a little excited about the movie. Just a little. ;)

Nah, one of the best books ever. period.

Oh, flashback more than three decades... I used to love that book, and still do, really.

Oh, flashback more than three decades...

or around 4 decades for me... I believe it was written in the 1940's? IIRC

Published in 1963, according to wikipedia.

(I was born in 1967.)

oh ok, I will check my memory banks again :-)

That's awesome! A kid's size one would be amazing, too.

I'm going to be including instructions for resizing the pattern in the ible, so hopefully everyone will be able to make one! I'm just not sure what a normal child's head size is, really. :P

Hahaha, no. I do need a shower cap that fits my head though. They're all so large! I want to know - where are these people with huge heads and ten pounds of hair?

A sturdy (hole-less) plastic grocery bag, some heavy string, some waterproof glue and you could make your own shower caps....I did a makeshift one for my wife when she ran out (the cheap ones tear so easily) using the handles of the bag to fasten it to her head (by tying....no I did NOT tie it around her neck ;-)

another thought, instead of string to tie it, use elastic to make it self-adjusting.

Looks good! I've never read it but is the hat like this? (whiskers?) L


Yes! This hat is a mix between Max's hat in the movie and in the book. The whiskers are going to be black wire. I just didn't want to waste it on the prototype. :D

Ah, I know where this is coming from at least... L

If it's the prototype, does that mean you'll be making another one? I'd offer to buy this one...if i thought we might have similar heads.

I have a pretty small head. 21 inches around, measured right above the ears. :P And this hat is pretty marked up. It was scrap fabric, so it has lots of old pattern markings on it.