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Willoughby & Baltic - Boston Area Maker Community Answered

Willoughby & Baltic

We make wonderful things.

Willoughby & Baltic is a community organization of people who make stuff. Among our ranks are artists, engineers, writers, teachers, and everything in-between. In fact, everyone in W&B is all of those things to some degree - and more.

We exist to provide our members what they need to create. Primarily, that involves having comfortable, usable space and an extensive arsenal of tools and equipment available. But with W&B, our members also get a strong, positive community who love to learn new things, teach what they know, and provide unending creative energy. It's a group of people who can appreciate what it takes to bring a project to life, and who can bring new and unexpected perspectives to the tough problems we inevitably encounter.

We are located in Somerville, MA near Davis Square and the Red Line subway stop. We are convenient to Cambridge, Boston and the greater metro area.

We currently have a Hackerspace with darkroom, silkscreen studio and computer lab, a model fab for smaller projects, and a larger fabrication space with metal and woodworking tools.

Please check us out at willoughbybaltic.com

You can read more at the Boston Globe

These photos are a sample of what our full Fabrication Space near Union Square has to offer.


ermm... i'm confused... is this a job offer, or a service???

More like a Makers' clubhouse. You can go there, use their tools, and make stuff.

ohhhhhh... then what does it have to do with artists?

Well, we consider that Makers *are* artists and vice-versa. And that collaboration with others and exposure to what others are doing is an important part of growing one's own maker/artist/etc skills and projects. We don't really make a distinction here.
But I don't know too many artists that wouldn't like access to more space and interesting tools so they can do things they wouldn't have been able to otherwise.

I expect a band saw would make it a lot easier to slice a calf in half down the middle?

Hey, art is as art says it is.

My workshop at school has that milling machine !! It looks brand new apart from the dust, its only been used 5 times, 2 of which were me :P

That looks really cool - you ought to get your members to join here and post details of their projects.

Hi Kiteman, Actually we are encouraging all our members to document their progress on Instructables - and several already do so. We also have a group project/show which we are documenting for the site. Thanks for the suggestions and support, and keep an eye out for us!

. I have plenty of space, but it might actually be worth 1000 USD/yr just to have access to the machines. If I lived in the Boston area, I'd definitely have to check it out. . I'm with Kiteman - y'all need to sign up. I think we would all gain.