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Wireless home networks: Do they broadcast 24/7, or just when needed? Answered

Do wireless home networks lie dormant until aroused by a computer, or are they continuously broadcasting their presence? Thanks!



Best Answer 8 years ago

The access point sends out beacons letting surroundings know its there, it happens anywhere from once every few seconds to tens of times per second. Those beacon signals can be read for signal strength, and used to query for other variables and requirements to connect to the access point. To answer your question: Yes, it is always broadcasting (not much, just a few bytes) - almost constantly chirping. To dig deeper into your question: Is it safe? It is such a low level of energy that it can't be argued that its remotely dangerous, as the radiation is non-ionizing and simply too weak. How much power does it consume: The router's cpu will use more power than the radio when its just idling waiting for connections.

they broadcast as long as the computer is up and your wireless is enabled.

Unless you've set broadcasting times in the router then it will be broadcasting 24/7