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Would someone identify the symbols/pictograms in the attached image? Answered

I found this on the wall by the bar in a UK pub. It looks old, I don't know what it means, but I thought this would get me an answer.
It looks like fret-sawn perspex, could be a school project perhaps.




Best Answer 7 years ago

hiding place ....
traditional chinese ...

I asked an old guy today, apparently it is the best translation of "Nook" that could be obtained.
Thank you


I'll forward it to my son, he will know

He can only recognize a few "radicals", not enough to even know if it's Mandarin, sorry.

We have... it's "secret hiding place".

You didn't seen certain before.
I'm told it was a holiday souvenir, and someone might know for sure (if I see them)... I'll come back later .


Fiendishly cunning these Chinese.
Who would think of looking in so clearly marked 'Secret Hiding Place' #;¬)

I don't have a clue.

But, anyway, how was the beer?

Beer was fine, there's usually something nice on in there.


. My Chinese is very rusty, but I think that says:
Hose short. Pressure weak.
Stand up close or get wet feet.
. You might try one of those "reverse picture lookup" sites, eg, Tineye

I can't reverse look-up as this is the original image.
Can you point me to other representations of the words you gave? (interesting)


. That was supposed to be a joke. I saw that written (in English) above a urinal in a bar many years ago. Sorry for the confusion.

Yeah I got the joke, but I though you may have been serious.


I've just tried isolating one of the characters and running that through TinEye . . . But no matches. (I think we're waiting for a Chinese speaker #;¬)

First symbol - 隐 yǐn (secret, concealed)
Second symbol - 匿 nì (to hide)
Third symbol - possibly a family name, but given the character I'm guessing more likely that I just can't recognize the stroke order from the poor image quality. Closest I can come to is wài, but I don't believe that to be correct.

Yeah it is a bit wonky, I don't think the cutting is that good.


It's written in traditional Chinese (you can tell because the second character has a complex character in the interior, rather than a simple box or 'X'). As to the meaning, you'll need a Chinese-English dictionary.

Well, the problem for me is that

a) not sure which language it actually is. Could be Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc.

b) the time period in which it was created.

c) Is it related to the bar, or just a piece of art?

Here's a link to a chinese word database. hope it helps.


sorry I can't be more. Once up-on a time I was learning Chinese (back in the 1990s), but the sieve has drained...