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Yarn work Question Answered

Hello! I'm Jordan the Knitter and I'm new to instructables. This website is amazing! I thought it would be fun to start out with a question. Is there anything you would like to learn in the realm of yarn work? I've been working yarn for about eight years. I spend a good bit of time avoiding homework by instructing others and making my own designs. 


Patterns are always good. I love Scandinavian knits, but would love to see some more modern styles, such as a pattern for a hoodie (zippered and/or pullover) and some cool toques etc.

I just finished a pattern for a garter stitch pullover. I am planning on adding directions for a hood and pockets. It will probably be the first pattern I post.

I been wanting to learn to crochet for ages. I've never quite figured it out. I try a few times a year, make lots of knots, and give up. :P

I'm sure I've still got one more try in me for this year, maybe I'll get it next time, ha

Crocheting is actually pretty easy once you get the hang of it. Out of curiosity, did you see my ibles on how to crochet? (I won't post the links... sort of spammy). :p

Jessy, I am confused, have you tried it or knot ? ;-)

There are already projects that "cover the basics", but there is always room for more - different styles of presentation suit different kinds of learner.

How are you at teaching left-handers?

(Kitewife knits, and one thing she has told me is that there is quite a variation between US & UK knitting terminology, so that might be something to bear in mind)

I enjoy mirror knitting and crochet from time to time. This has allowed me to be more helpful to left-handers. Your question made me realize that I haven't written any patterns for left-handers. Another bullet point for my yarny to-do list. :-)